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Hiblue SCM System Solution

SCM System Solution

Hiblue SCM aims to give a solution to manage all information from development to shipping and strengthen the relationship between all the department.

Let Hiblue SCM help you get more clear picture of how your items run in the whole process and become more controllable.

The following main modules and their related links in Hiblue SCM proved to be a success in helping clients' business.

Pricing module, information fields

Key: To manage pricing information for the company, and to manage revenue.To monitor pricing by factory, by customer, etc., to help in negotiation.(More....)

Sample Request module, information fields

Key:To manage information required for

  • trial
  • development
  • Confirmation samples.

It can be generic and access to different customers with different needs.Hiblue will help you as you develop this module to ensure that happens. (more....)

Order Status Module

Key: To manage all order information. 

There generally consist of common fields (with sample request field, adding ship date, sizes, quantity ordered, customer PO number, packing requirements, etc. ) and Specific fields ( which can be queried  by factory and customer with date parameters, and import/export to excel or other software for reporting purposes).

Quality Assurance Module

Key: To input and monitor inspections on a PO by PO basis.To calculate and report defect trends to factories. This module will use pictures to demonstrate defects.It can be queried by factory and customer with date parameters, and import/export to excel or other software for reporting purposes.

Customer Requirements Module

Key: To manage requirements by customer, including packing, testing, factory audits, etc.

Contacts Module

Key: To list contact information for Hiblue associates.

Shipping Module

Key: To manage shipping information on a PO by PO basis, including vessel name, container number, closing dates, etc.


Information fields should be shared between modules where possible.

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Update: 2006-12-14 17:10:06

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