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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hiblue fully respects partners' privacy (personal or company's ). We collect industry standard information to enable us to provide you with better products and services. The following paragraphs describes exactly what information we track.

Personal Information

If you opt to join one of our mailing lists, you will be asked to submit e-mail address. E-mail addresses on our mailing lists are not shared with any third parties.

Individuals on our mailing lists (newsletter) may periodically receive informative e-mails about new Hiblue Software  products, upgrades, features, or promotions.

You may request to be removed from our mailing lists at any time by sending email to us.

If you would like to send a message to us in the online form, We do not share your information with third parties in any way.

Non-personal Information

When visiting our web site, we track non-personal statistics such as the time you entered our site, what operating system and browser you are using, and what screen resolution you run at. This information is used purely for creating statistical reports on our web page usage.

Sharing  Information with Third Parties

We do not share your personal information with third parties in any way. Any information submitted to us such as your name, e-mail address, postal address, etc. will not be released, sold or rented to any third-party individual or company and is kept strictly internal to Hiblue.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns about Hiblue's treatment of your privacy, please contact our Customer Support team.

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