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Features & Benefits

  • Domain-centered Document Repositories - Create independent domains for different departments or divisions to organize documents according to business function.
  • Version Control - Preserve the integrity of information with a check-out/check-in mechanism that automatically creates new document versions to avoid inadvertent overwrites.
  • Subscriptions & Notification Lists - Subscribe to files and folders of interest to receive automatic notification of any modifications or specified events.
  • Version Tracking and Comparison ¨C System automatically tracks all document changes and enables user to view side-by-side comparisons of selected versions, with updates highlighted.
  • E-Mail Integration - Import mail and attachments from external accounts or send and receive new messages using the versatile Hiblue Content Management mail client.
  • PDF Conversion - Convert any major printable file to PDF format.
  • Custom Archiving & Retention Policies - Archive and export selected files and folders or configure retention policies to automatically remove repository resources to the system archives.
  • System Audit Reports - Trace every system event or operation to its exact origin to ensure strict compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Digital Signatures - Digitally sign any processed document to ensure maximum accountability, and trace every instance of a particular signature within the signature log.

Optional Features & Benefits - Workflow:

Once files have been added to the repository, they can participate in workflows designed to manage the flow of information within your organization (such as document submission, review, approval, routing and task notification). Hiblue Content ManagementĄ¯s Workflow component provides you with an intuitive environment for defining and evaluating the effectiveness of your business and organizational processes, through a full range of reports.

  • Support document submission, review, approval and distribution workflow process - Coordinate document-driven processes with stage-specific schedules and automated notifications that pace, prompt, and apprise designated workflow participants throughout the workflow process.
  • Task Routing - Route documents to particular knowledge workers or specific project teams dispersed across multiple offices, departments, or divisions for the necessary review and revision.
  • Process Summaries, Progress Histories, & Gantt Charts - Consult assorted graphical representations for current status reports and stage-by-stage timelines of all participant activity within each process.
  • Document Distribution - Automatically distribute all fully processed documents, attached files, and stage commentary to designated recipients as a bundled .zip file or web URL.

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