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Custom Software - Developing Bespoke Applications
Custom Software - Developing Bespoke Applications There are many reasons to commission a custom software application ĘC from development of a new product, to control of industrial machinery, automating repetitive "office" tasks or puttin... 

Custom Software Development - End User Benefits
Custom Software Development - End User Benefits It is an accepted belief within the IT industry that anything up to 80% of people using a spread-sheet would benefit from using a database instead. It is common for tools such as Excel to... 

.NET Website / Application Development
.NET Development This revolutionary new technology has been long-expected. .NET framework's level of interoperability with other languages, applications, and systems improves productivity by allowing developers to choose the programming... 

Distributed Application Development
In this application architecture, functionality is distributed among multiple applications residing on the same computer or on multiple computers. Distributed Applications provide the following benefits: Divide And Conquer: functional... 

Wireless/Mobile Application Development
Wireless/Mobile Application Development At Hiblue Software, we help companies mobile-enable their core services. We excel in a wide range of wireless technologies such as J2ME, WAP, and Messaging. We have expertise in messaging solution... 

Database Design
Hiblue Software's technical team has 8 years' broad experience of designing complex Database Applications on Oracle, DB2, MS SQLServer, Informix, Sybase, MySQL, CodeBase, MS Access, any other ODBC-compliant database Our services include: ... 

Custom Open Source Programming Services
Using an Open Source Model simplifies the development of complicated applications. The Source Code is reliable, modifiable and accessible to the users. The number of Open Source products is great. It is not a secret that the quality of ... 

Client/Server Application Development
Nowadays open and rapid flow of information is crucial for the operation of businesses. Only if your company processes and distributes the right information at the right time does it satisfy customers completely. That is why client/serv... 

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