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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Every interaction such as an inbound or outbound call, e-mail, or Web-based collaboration may be an opportunity for you to win new business and boost customer satisfaction. To be successful, your organization must leverage every contact with customers. CRM Solutions provides companies this opportunity. Hiblue CRM not only enable you to grasps at any such opportunities but also enable you to make advantage of these advantage in our business.

"Customer relationship management defines a business objective: to deliver a level of customer satisfication that ensures that the best customers will return."

Hiblue CRM help you benefit more from his key aspects of successful CRM Solutions:

  1. Know the functions to automate
  2. Automate only those that should be automated
  3. Gain top management support
  4. Use technology and information on as needed basis
  5. Get users involved early
  6. Prototype your system
  7. Train, Train, and Train
  8. Motivate users
  9. Administrate the system
  10. Keep top management committed

Hiblue Software has focused on the following aspects of CRM Solutions:

  • Sales Force Automation - support the selling process from lead qualification to closing the business.
  • Marketing Automation - target the best customers, manage marketing campaigns,generate quality leads.
  • Customer Service - resolve customer issues after the sale responsively and professionally.
  • E-Commerce - automate marketing, sales, and service with an Internet-based system.

Hiblue Software 's trained and experienced professionals with excellent track record in implementing CRM products expect and value opportunities to be on severice of you in near future.

Hiblue Software has embarked on an aggressive plan of recruiting and training qualified professionals and consultants to address the growing demand for strong CRM implementation skills. Hiblue Software has skills that are required to effectively complete multiple stages of a CRM implementation,

such as:

  • Structured Analysis of existing business processes and technology infrastructure
  • Set-up and Configuration of a CRM application to best fit existing business processes
  • Customize development of features as identified by the GAP Analysis recommendations
  • Web-integration with existing Intranet/ Extranet applications
  • On-going maintenance and support

We offer individual and teams of expert consultants to augment your staffs for implementation, integration, or development projects. During projects our consultants willingly transfer the knowledge and technical expertise gained during previous ERM / CRM engagements.

Hiblue Software also provides CRM Solutions.

Hiblue Software aims to deploy end-to-end systems that can deliver customer satisfaction, while also streamlining the organisations' deployment of resources to make the promise of mass customisation and rapid fulfillment not only possible, but also profitable.

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