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Hiblue Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Hiblue SCM Today's companies manage supply and demand in a business climate characterized by instability. In response, they seek supply chain management (SCM) solutions for enterprise-wide order processing and warehouse and transportatio... 

Hiblue Office Automation System (OA)
Hiblue Office System Access anytime, anywhere Communicate, collaborate, organize and share information seamlessly Web Documents & Sharing Create, edit, upload, store and share documents online Personal and Group Calendar Plan, schedul... 

Hiblue Software Products
Hi-blue Software is a providers of Internet/intranet software solutions. we have innovative and diversified products and services on the net which proved to be notably successful. Our philosophy is to produce reliable, timely solutions a... 

Hiblue Project Management System (PMS)
Hiblue Project Management (PM) Hiblue Project Management software can support your organization with centralized project management capabilities and resource scheduling (assignments). Hiblue PMO software can be the basis of your project ... 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that leverages people, process and software in an organized way to help you manage the complete customer lifecycle from selection to re... 

WorkFlow Management (BPM)
WorkFlow Management (BPM) All companies have the need for employees to make quick and reliable decisions that satisfy customers and further their industry position. They desire to eliminate paper, reduce idle time, and either automate d... 

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