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Hiblue Office Automation (OA) Solution
Hiblue Office Automation (OA) Solution OA in broad sense: to build up an integrated information platform that includes functions of document management, sales management, HR management, assets management and procurement management, simila... 

Hiblue SCM System Solution
SCM System Solution Purpose: To manage all information from development to shipping, with ability to link between modules, so the entire ¡°story¡± for any shoe can be seen and managed. Pricing module, information fields Purpose: To manag... 

Small Website Solution
Small Website Solution We offer a complete suite of E-Business solutions to support from small to the most demanding business requirements. With maintenance fuction, materials of web site can be easily updated by yourself in a instant. ... 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Every interaction an inbound or outbound call, e-mail, or Web-based collaboration provides an opportunity for you to win new business and boost customer satisfaction. To be successful, your organization must leverage every contact with cu... 

Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions We offer a wide range of web development services, starting with simple web site design and finishing with complicated turn-key internet solutions, such as corporative web sites, e-commerce solutions, and web portals.... 

e-Business / e-Commerce Development Solutions
e-Business / e-Commerce Development Solutions e-business is an essential requirement for success in today's fast-paced, global economy. Unparalleled opportunities exist to expand markets, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and offer cus... 

Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions Hiblue Software provides solutions for enterprise that address business's fundamentals and operational business automations. The aim however is not just the automation of the business activities; it further encompas... 

Content Management / Document Management / Portal Solutions
Features & Benefits Domain-centered Document Repositories - Create independent domains for different departments or divisions to organize documents according to business function. Version Control - Preserve the integrity of information ... 

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