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Office Automation (OA) Solution

Hiblue Office Automation (OA) Solution

OA in broad sense: to build up an integrated information platform that includes functions of document management, sales management, HR management, assets management and procurement management, similar to the concept of collaboration business raised by Hiblue Software.

OA in narrow sense: mainly focus on document process and profile management.

The trend is that OA in narrow sense will be replaced by OA in broad sense.

Features built on Hiblue OA:

  • Functions that traditional OA system has Powerful connection between the process, workflow, documents and roles. Once the user searches one document in the system, people, products, customers and other documents related to the document will be automatically displayed
  • Web based application, easy to access and manage
  • Customized portal for individual users
  • Infinite extensibility of the system enables the business to add any interested modules into the system, including customer management module, sales management, assets management module, procurement management module and HR management module.

Benefits of Hiblue OA:

Hiblue team offer the Hiblue OA which make sure you enjoy an integrated and collaborative work environment that enables all users in your company to work collaboratively in customized information portal without limitation of time and place.

  • Setup of internal communication and information publishing platform;
  • Automation of workflow, and real-time track of business process;
  • Automation of document management, systematic storage of information, and document search under the security level;
  • Support of mobile office and distributed office;
  • Integration with the existing information;
  • Management of customers
  • Management of corporate assets
  • HR Management
  • Project Management
  • Centralized management of information, strong relationship between information

Key Features

  • Customization: customization of organization chart, forms, business process and security control
  • Ordered: order the size and applications of work process, documents base, profiles base and meeting base
  • Work-to-People: offer a centralized work interface for users
  • Auto Alert: alert related users when one work process is started
  • Structured: module by module, standard gateway, support of second time development
  • Built by modules: easy addition of modules into the existing system
  • B/S structure, best for mobile office.

Functions & Solutions

The automation of everyday office tasks is one of the key results of the electronic revolution. Word processors, spreadsheets, databases, accounting packages, networks, and e-mail are but some of the innovations that have transformed the way we work in the late twentieth century. Integrated into a smoothly working business system, office automation tools can vastly improve office productivity. Indeed, no modern office can hope to survive without many of them.

Yet the very richness and diversity of these tools is the source of some of our most serious office problems. With tens of thousands of programs running on dozens of different kinds of computers and operating systems, often linked together by a variety of networks, the potential for incompatibilities is great.

Hiblue approaches each hardware and software component as part of a life cycle solution.

  • First, we ensure that the components we select and the system we develop meet your needs fully.
  • Second, we install your system and make sure that it keeps running smoothly.
  • Third, we add new technology to meet your evolving needs and upgrade for you freely.

Whether you need secure or non-secure office automation systems networked locally or nationwide, Hiblue software can play an important role in getting your business running smoothly as quickly as you need.



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