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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Hiblue SCM

Today's companies manage supply and demand in a business climate characterized by instability. In response, they seek supply chain management (SCM) solutions for enterprise-wide order processing and warehouse and transportation management as well as collaborative planning and forecasting to maximize efficiency and strengthen supplier and buyer relationships.

Hiblue SCM solutions emphasize particularly on its functional power & flexility to enable you to plan proactively, to streamline your inventory and save your distribution costs and optimize your resources.

Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning applications enable you to develop accurate forecasts by creating a collaborative environment for multiple individuals, groups and partners. You can create effective forecasts that result in a single set of plans for your business. The system helps you implement your plans by developing realistic schedules that maximize the utilization of your plants, equipment and inventory to reduce cycle times and improve profits.

Supply Chain Planning applications also support make-to-order (MTO), make-to-stock (MTS) or just-in-time (JIT) inventory needs with extensive analysis and simulation capabilities. You also have the visibility needed to support collaborative programs such as vendor managed inventory (VMI), CPFR and continuous replenishment programs (CRP).

The supply chain management solution includes demand planning software, inventory planning, field sales forecasting, replenishment planning, vendor managed inventory (VMI), and sales & operations planning (S&OP) to provide you with the visibility and control you need to optimize your extended supply chain.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Management applications provide the inventory and warehouse management capabilities needed to manage and view materials and products across multi-company, multi-division, or multi-site environments. All inventory-related transactions, including lot details and movement history, are recorded so that you can track, analyze, and optimize your operations.

Inventory Control also allows you to manage your materials, intermediate goods and finished goods on the basis of defined characteristics. Unlimited characteristics can be defined and managed. Examples include shelf-life, best-before dates, pH, moisture content, dependency formulas, potency, color, and grade.

With Inventory Control, you can track and manage inventory simultaneously in two, non-converted units of measure, such as pounds & cases allowing entry of product volumes and weights based upon actual measurements rather than through unit of measure conversions. The system also supports unlimited packaging UOMs, enabling bulk products to be sold in unlimited package types automatically linked under one primary product ID.


To meet the needs of our clients, Hiblue offers our HilbueID to Go solution, which is an EPC-compliant, bolt-on application to Hiblue and supply chain product suite. Built to be both flexible and scalable, HilblueID  supports the practice of applying HiblueID tags to products during the receipt process, while in storage, and just prior to shipping. As the process manufacturing experts, Hiblue works closely with our clients to ensure that these ¡°Slap and ship¡± and ¡°Tag to Stock¡± practices align with their unique business, manufacturing and distribution environments.

Warehouse Management

Faced with today¡¯s warehouse distribution challenges, such as customer compliance initiatives, increased inventory and order volumes, and multiple distribution channels, many process manufacturers recognize the need to move beyond their standard enterprise inventory control functions.

Hiblue WM enables you to handle more fulfillment volume and provide more differentiated fulfillment services without having to invest in additional physical assets, space or staff. Hiblue WM¡¯s key advantage over the basic inventory control and data collection capabilities is its ability to manage and optimize labor and equipment utilization across all warehouse distribution activities, in order to deliver maximum throughput and performance.

Quality Control

Because Hiblue applications are designed with quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) as in integral parts of the process, quality can be planned and managed just like any other process. You have precise control over all materials and products (co-products, by-products and end-products). Throughout your entire process, from formulation to production and distribution, you can be more diligent in batch scaling, date code tracking, shelf-life expiration dating, lot tracing and yield optimization.

Additionally, you can define and measure customer quality specifications at critical steps in the process. You can maintain the quality of your processes and products within strict tolerances to minimize delays and associated costs, and ultimately satisfy the expectations of your customers. Shelf-life planning capabilities enable you to optimize production scheduling while inventory control software helps better manage the expiration of materials and finished goods and maximize the shelf-life of shipped products.


Logistics management applications help you effectively plan and cost freight for inbound deliveries from suppliers, outbound shipments to customers and transfer orders to other warehouses or distribution centers. You have the flexibility to ship complete orders, individual items or a minimum percentage of an order among other configurations.

Logistics applications include routing & rating, load planning, costing and invoicing.

Supplier Management

Supplier Management applications are designed to optimize buying and service decisions, and exchanges with your suppliers. You can support requirements of both multi-site, multi-national corporations and single site domestic operations in either a centralized or decentralized mode. In addition, you can manage all purchase orders (POs), requisitions, receiving and vouchering of invoices for raw materials, materials requirements planning (MRP) purchases, maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) purchases and one-time purchases. Vendor performance can be monitored and managed with visibility to received goods characteristics including raw material variability, quality, actual vs. scheduled delivery times and costs.

Customer Management

Customer Management applications empower you to manage interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. This integrated set of applications help you manage relationships with existing customers to anticipate their needs and efficiently address their demands. You can ensure that each customer receives the unique tailored services they value most while you maintain proactive 360¡ã visibility to all activities that impact their experience (i.e. sales, marketing, support). Customer Management applications help you differentiate your company from the competition to build the loyalty of existing customers and make it easier to attract new ones.

Customer Management applications include customer care, fulfillment, credit management and customer self-service and deals & promotions -- the full array of functunality you would expect from a robust CRM software application.

Regulatory Management

Integrated Regulatory Management capabilities help you streamline your compliance efforts in today¡¯s environment of increasingly stringent local, national and international standards. Hiblue helps to streamline compliance with the regulations from organizations such as the International Standards Organization (ISO), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others. Specific capabilities are included to address requirements related to Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), 21 CFR Part 11, FDA Validation, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), SOP Modeling, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and others. From regulatory planning, to execution and documentation of results, Regulatory Management solutions automate critical functions minimizing of risks of non-compliance while balancing operational costs and margins.

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