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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that leverages people, process and software in an organized way to enable you to manage the complete customer lifecycle from selection to retention. With a carefully planned CRM strategy, management, sales, marketing, customer service, and even partners and clients should be able to share information such as customer purchases or needs and matches for product or service offerings.

Hiblue' CRM software application not only make your work easy but also helps you get the better way to find regular clients' needs and that of potential customers and the better way to effectively communicate with them then promote your business without your attention.

Customer Management

Customer Management applications empower you to manage interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. This integrated set of applications help you manage relationships with existing customers to anticipate their needs and efficiently address their demands. You can ensure that each customer receives the unique tailored services they value most while you maintain proactive 360กใ visibility to all activities that impact their experience (i.e. sales, marketing, support). Customer Management applications help you differentiate your company from the competition to build the loyalty of existing customers and make it easier to attract new ones.

Customer Management applications include customer care, fulfillment, credit management and customer self-service and deals & promotions -- the full array of functunality you would expect from a robust CRM software application.

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation applications are easily tailored to your sales methodologies to help you improve sales performance by addressing your planning, tactical execution and monitoring requirements. For individual sales reps, the system prompts activities for each account or contact (i.e. calls and meetings), provides documents as-needed (i.e. follow-up letters), and generates forecasts highlighting areas for specific attention. The system also enables sales reps and managers to set milestones and track progress, reducing the time required to close deals. For managers and executives, Sales Force Automation produces individual and summary forecasts to help you identify new business opportunities, optimize assets, improve targeting and budgetary planning.

Sales Force Automation applications include Sales Process Management, Contact Management, Opportunity management, Team Selling, Territory Management and Lead Allocation and Tracking.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management applications help you effectively target, execute and measure campaigns to existing customers and prospects. These advanced applications system use contemporary metrics such as customer profitability, customer lifetime value and customer mind share along with traditional metrics such as product sales, market share and penetration. With the Marketing applications you can create multi-channel marketing campaigns, such as e-mail, direct mail and telemarketing programs, track their impact by customer and channel partner, and track leads and their status. The system also enables you to tailor and target future campaigns to improve the effectiveness of each individual sales channel.

Marketing Management applications include Profiling and Segmentation, Database Marketing, Campaign Management, and Telemarketing and Scripting.

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