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Office Automation System (OA)

Hiblue Office Automation System (OA)

  • Access anytime, anywhere
    • Communicate, collaborate, organize and share information seamlessly
  • Web Documents & Sharing
    • Create, edit, upload, store and share documents online
  • Personal and Group Calendar
    • Plan, schedule and track your personal and team events
  • Project and Task Management
    • Create, assign, monitor and track all your personal and team tasks
  • Email client
    • Configure your existing mail accounts for sending and receiving mails


Access your email from different mail accounts in a single portal through a browser from anywhere in the world.

  • Provision for configuring Multiple Email accounts
  • Support for both POP and IMAP
  • Built-in SPAM Filter
  • Spell Check and Formatting options for Mail Compose
  • Mail Preview
  • Presence Emoticon from Mails
  • Multiple Langugage support


Workplace where you can communicate, collaborate and share information and ideas with your team.

  • Create public and private groups to share knowledge more efficiently
  • Facilitate shared work on documents and information
  • Allow a distributed group of people to work on common activities
  • Discussions board to discuss on any topics with the group members
  • Task Scheduler for assigning and tracking the group/team tasks
  • Provides a virtual collaboration platform for a group to share information
  • Share and organize group contacts


Create, manage and track events, appointments and project deadlines for personal or business needs.

  • Schedule your personal and group appointments/events
  • Share your free and busy time with others
  • View your calendar in day, week, month views
  • Get Mail and/or Pop-up reminders from your calendar
  • Invite or add attendees for an event or meeting
  • Access your calendar from WAP enabled mobiles, handhelds, etc.

Instant Messaging

Send and receive messages instantly from your online friends and co-workers.

  • Add your friends and co-workers into your buddy list to use IM from the Desktop
  • Check the availability status of your buddy list users
  • Invoke Instant Messaging from the mails to communicate with your co-workers
  • Provides multiple options to set your availability status

Web Documents & Sharing

Create, edit, upload, store and share documents online

  • Create, edit, upload and store files/documents online
  • Keep track of changes using document versioning
  • Central online document repository
  • Virtual drive support through webfolders
  • Various document views for quick access of pictures, music, presentations, etc.
  • Share files/documents to individuals and groups

Project, Tasks & Reports

Create, assign, monitor and track all your personal and team Tasks.

  • Create and track tasks by setting their status as Pending, Completed or Cancelled
  • Set task reminders and notifications through Email and/ Pop-up
  • Organize tasks with separate categories
  • Assign tasks to group members
  • Generate tasks reports based on categories, status, etc.
  • View the tasks by the due dates in daily, weekly and monthly views.


Keep your associates or organization members updated with critical and important news through announcements.

  • All major company announcements can be posted by Root Administrator
  • Provides only view access to the users to keep postings safe from modifications
  • Provision for sending attachments through announcements
  • Send announcements through mails
  • Spellcheck options to verify the post's spelling
  • Various formatting options to keep the announcement postings formatted

Contacts, Notes & Bookmarks

Organize and manage all your personal and business contacts. Take notes and bookmark your favourite Web links for easy access from any computer.

  • Create, manage and organize personal and business contacts
  • Supports import and export contacts in various formats like VCF, LDIF and CSV
  • Biz Card view with personal info and business info along with Photo
  • Create notes for suggestions, tips and reminders with different colors
  • Organize notes by creating categories and applying different colors
  • Add frequently used links to Favorites and access them instantly
  • Import your favorite links from different web browsers like IE, Netscape, etc.

Multi Language Support

Allows users to collaborate not only irrespective of time and distance but also irrespective of language.

  • Feed/enter the information into calendar, documents, etc., any of your preferred languages
  • Compose mails in your native laguage
  • Change user interface to any of the available built-in languages
  • Supports multi-lingual language codes like UTF-8, EUC-JP, ISO-2022-JP, etc.


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