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WebSite validation & optimization

Site validation & optimization

Your web site may be visually attractive to the human eye, but what about the coding that lies under the surface? How does a search engine or robot view it - if it can see it at all?

If you're serious about getting your message across, you need to ensure that your web site is accessible to visitors and search engines.


Validation and standards compliance

Ensuring that your site is accessible to your target audiences is the key to attract visitors, and then converting those visitors into customers. Site validation is about ensuring that your web site performs correctly in a given environment.

Not all web browsers are the same - sites that look fantastic on one platform can render poorly on another. For example,the sites developed for Microsoft's Internet Explorer can not perform correctly or perfectly on a MAC, or on less common browsers such as Firefox. Site validation (and often conformance with one of the W3C HTML Standards) can ensure that the required platforms are supported, and visitors to your site will surely not be excluded because of the technology they use.

Site optimization

To gain more edges over the oppositions in fierce competitions, more and more site owners realize the importance of the rankings on the first page of search engines, and most of them are turning towards "paid inclusion" to promote their site. Whilst schemes such as Google AdWords can be an effective way of promoting your site and achieving instant listings, which is the more traditional methods of optimizing a site so that it ranks on merit must not be ignored.

Web site accessibility

Is your web site accessible? Are you excluding any potential visitors to your site because they are partially sighted or have difficulty in reading on-screen text? It's very time for you taken the website accessibility into account. Do you know how many potential visitors you will risk losing because of ignoring it?

Make sure your website conform to The World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative, helps ensure that you do not inadvertently exclude site visitors on the grounds of disibility - often a requirement for public information services.

To see how Hiblue can upgrade a site to comply with accessibility standards, visit the example web site here.

For more information on how Hiblue can assist with making your web site more accessible to all users - contact us!


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