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Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Information and transactions - Any time, Any place

Nowadays the cellphone - on its own or in conjunction with an organizer is used for much more than simply making phone calls. It also acts as a flexible terminal for a huge range of applications. So the availability of information (weather forecasts, economic data, news), e shopping, e-ticketing, e-banking and e-brokerage is greater than ever before, regardless of time or place. The WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and WML (Wireless Markup Language) open standards mean the Internet's innovative solution strategies can now be applied to mobile telephony too.

Benefits yourself from mobile commerce

Mobile commerce solutions mean mobile terminals such as cellphones and organizers can now be used to access the Internet. The benefits for your company include the following:

Your Internet offerings are easier and more convenient to access Considerable flexibility when conducting business.

Intense customer orientation and high customer loyalty thanks to innovative service strategies

Lower transaction and personnel costs thanks to widespread automation.

Differentiation from competitors thanks to innovative solution strategies.

Field staffs are more effective because they have flexible access to internal corporate data.

Investment security and independence from platforms (terminals, servers) and network operators through the use of open standards.

The benefits of the Internet are transferred to mobile telephony applications thanks to the system-atic use of WAP (Wireless Appli-cation Protocol) and SMS (Short Message System)

Hiblue software solutions for your mobile commerce:

Hiblue Software develops solutions for mobile commerce that are tailored to your specific corporate objectives and are integrated into your company's E-commerce and IT infrastructure.

Hiblue Software offers solution following proposed scenarios and components:

  • Milbe shopping: Ordering, checking availability and prices, delivery information with acknowledgment and confirmation
  • Mobile Banking: Statements of account, sales and payment in-structionspremises
  • Mobile brokerage: Checking and monitoring prices using watchlists, securities inquiries and orders
  • Mobile access to corporate intranets: Use of intranet appli-cations such as telephone directories and newsboards for mobile access
  • Mobile travel information and booking: Total Internet solution with WAP enhancement

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