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Content management

Content management

Powerful, database-driven, searchable & multilingual 每 a Content Managed web site allows you, and others within your organisation, to maintain and develop your Internet presence in a controlled and consistent manner.
With a range of Content Management Systems to suit your budget, you need not be reliant on your web designers every time you wish to make changes to the content of your site.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A popular misconception is that the role of a Content Management System is simply to allow web site owners to edit the content of their web site. Whilst this is, of course, an important function within a Content Managed web site, a good CMS should live up to its name 每 it should allow the site owners to manage the content of the site!

On a corporate scale:

Consider the large-scale operation, with numerous departments, each with team members with a particular area of expertise, eager to publish their knowledge on the corporate internet / intranet. The content managed web site allows each team member to author content, and post it to the CMS for approval. Only when the content is "published" by a "content approver" 每 a departmental head, for example - will the newly authored material be made available to site visitors. An audit trail makes it possible to track changes made to documents as they pass through the approval chain 每 so corrections can be checked for accuracy at any stage.

For fast-moving businesses:

Content management allows web site owners to schedule when material is published to, and removed from, public view.

Imaging if you had scheduled a series of public seminars over the forthcoming year 每 dates and venues are all arranged, and what you want to do now is concentrate on recruiting for the seminars, and on making them a success. Details of each event can be uploaded to the CMS in one efficient session, and scheduled for release at appropriate dates. The CMS will then look after the release of the relevant content 每 keeping the site current with minimal intervention.

As members of the Ektron Partner Program, Hiblue are able to supply and implement a series of content management systems to suit most business needs.

For more information or a demonstration on how content management can benefit your web site, contact us!

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