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Website Development & Design

In today's age of technology your website is often your customer's / client's first point of contact with you. Creating an online image of your company, by using a professional website design company like Hiblue, that is visually impressive to your customers is critical. Hiblue software will design for you an attractive, easy to use online representation of your company.

Designing a visually impressive online image for your company will help you get ahead, and stay ahead, of your competition. It is the right time for you to get the power from Hiblue software.

Hiblue software makes website updates easy!

Updating your web pages has never been so easier by applying Hiblue Content Management System (CMS). Such powerful and easy to use CMS will realize your dream to add, remove, or copy, text and pictures with ease on any page in a matter of seconds.


  • Website Design - Website's designed to be professional, fast loading, user friendly, and adhere to the latest web standards. The Hiblue systems can be integrated into any website that we design and develop.

       Technologies: HTML, XHTML, ASP, PHP, CSS, Javascript, XML.

  • Dynamic Website Development - This would include any pages generated from information in a database. Samples: site search capabilities, product listings (products, car listings, home listings), forums, news listings. See our portfolio for samples.

        Technologies: ASP, Access Database, PHP, MySQL Database, MS SQL Server, ADO, XML.

  • Website Maintenance - Hiblue software can be retained on an hourly rate to do general website maintenance on your existing website. From updating existing content to adding new content.
  • Website Troubleshooting - Problems with CSS styles or HTML? Do you have an issue with some ASP / PHP code JavaScript not working right Veign can fix that troublesome code once and for all.
  • Website Optimization Services - Website Speed Optimization and Analysis, Website Graphics Optimization ensures your website loads as fast as possible for your users. Users are often turned away from slow loading sites and Hiblue software support speed optimization services to make sure your site be as fast as it can be.
  • Website Review & Validation - Hiblue software not only can provide the information but also can fix problems with your existing website. After reviewing your existing website, Hiblue can provide you a report on coding issues, validation problems, information on loading times, basic Search Engine Optimization issues, and general trouble spots. This is critical to making sure your users can use your site and that Google will rank your site as high as it deserves.
  • Hiblue Integration techniq - Integrate your website with Hiblue and start selling today. This can be from a simple integration where your client is transferred to Hiblue to complete a transaction to a complete solution where Hiblue will trigger emails to clients, product updates, or what ever you choose.
  • Online Forms - From email forms to forms that capture data into a database. Have an idea you would like know if it can be done? Just contact Hiblue software and we will respond within 24 hours.
  • Custom Managers - Need a custom backed system to manage your website?. This is where Hiblue software comes into play. Contact us for more details.

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