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Domains & hosting

Domains & hosting

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting are essential parts of any Internet presence, which make your web site identified globally and more accessible to your potential clients.

Hiblue offers excellent web designing services as well as a range of domain name registration and hosting packages , only to dedicate to her better service to powering her clients' business.

Guidelines for domain names

  • A Domain Name gives you your identity on the web - it is the address that potential customers will use to access your web site. Choosing the right domain name, and registering it through a trustworthy organisation, is key to the success of your Internet based marketing campaign.
  • Choose the name carefully. Unless your business is already a household name, a domain name that describes what you do will likely serve you better than one that is simply your (company) name.
  • Check domain name availability only with a reputable authority, such as Nominet or Internic.
  • Register the domain name only with a trustworthy agent. Make sure that you are the legal owner of the domain name, and that you can move the domain to another service provider should you so desire. Watch out for catches such as release fees.
  • Beware of bogus companies offering to renew your domain name - there are lots of them about at present!

Our web hosting accounts can include features such as:

  • High bandwidth dedicated servers
  • Load-balancing for increased up-time
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited e-mail accounts / forwarders
  • E-Mail Anti-virus scanning by the mailserver
  • Remote e-mail access (web mail)
  • Live site statistics reporting
  • SSL secured web space
  • .net framework support
  • SQL / Access / ODBC database support
  • For more details about how we manage it


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