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.NET Development

This revolutionary new technology has been long-expected. .NET framework's level of interoperability with other languages, applications, and systems improves productivity by allowing developers to choose the programming language that best suits the project. Moreover, cross-language inheritance increases code reuse.

Benefits of employing .NET

High speed of development Availability of cross-platform migration Increased productivity Access to the opportunities of .NET Framework Library Relatively short learning curve for developers Reliability Easy configurations of applications and security

Hilbue software .NET services in brief:

Application development using .NET Web-based and stand-alone applications migration to .NET Re-engineering and Support of existing applications in .NET Porting of Legacy applications to .NET based application Windows Application Development Application development in .NET Compact framework

Languages /Technologies: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, Webservices,  Reporting services...

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Update: 2006-12-15 16:25:59

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