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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development - End User Benefits

It is an accepted belief within the IT industry that anything up to 80% of people using a spread-sheet would benefit from using a database instead.

It is common for tools such as Excel to be used for managing customer databases, for keeping track of creditors and debtors, and for organising the flow of business data. Whilst many such tools are excellent for their intended purpose, they are frequently used in lieu of a more appropriate technology, simply because of familiarity with that tool. This is just one example of where Hiblue software could provide users with significant business benefits. 

End User Benefits

The obvious benefit of deploying a custom software solution is the ability to ensure that its behaviour and functionality exactly matches your needs. Whether it be managing clients, resources and stock, or performing more nice operations, a custom application can ensure that your business operates smoothly and efficiently and/or that your products delight your clients.

Using a professional software house for your development can have clear advantages to writing applications in-house, especially if resources are stretched.

  • Clear specification of the problem - and the solution
  • Known costs - known time scales
  • Exploit specialist, up-to-date knowledge not available in-house
  • No need for additional staffing and associated costs
  • Development can be performed off-site
  • Your time is available for you to concentrate on your core business activities

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