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Business Partners

Hiblue Software Offering to Business Partners

Hiblue Software is dedicated to building long-time relationship with business partners across the globe. Hiblue Software partners in USA, Germany, and UK already benefit from such relationships. We look forward to further strengthening our presence on these and other markets with the help of new partners.

We create a real-time communication bridge to enable joint processing of customers'requirements and timely provision of our offshore software services.

Outsourcing Partnership

We work together with IT companies to leverage the IT resources and to maximize value to their customers. Our partners expand their offerings on the marketplace with those of Hiblue Software. Our partners have access to our technical and industry expertise and receive free consulting and support for their marketing and sales activities.

Hiblue Software also helps companies that don't specialize in software production but need software designed or the functionality of existing software extended to focus on theirs core business. Our offshore development capabilities meet the needs of clients across many different industries.

Reseller Partnership

The combination of Hiblue Software's expertise with our partners'market vision and established marketing channels creates a "win-win" strategy for all the parties involved. We provide individuals and companies who are active in the IT industry with free support of their marketing and sales activities.

Contact us freely to discuss partnership opportunities.

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